Thriving On Challenges

The Team

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta, is a well established entrepreneur who has explored the world on a grandiose scale and has always stood inspired towards architecture. He has completed his BBA from JIMS Delhi & later completed Diploma in International Business from there. Apart from this he has also diversified in 2 more businesses-realty and steel operating for more than a decade. With a robust and diverse experience of over 15+ years and being thoroughly involved in the business, he is known to be highly detail oriented and uncompromising in quality. Adding a unique touch to indoor spaces. He is a true maverick in the steel, construction and architecture industry. As a prolific leader, Gaurav has placed a great deal of value in nurturing relationships for the long run and has constantly motivated and led his team from the front. Architecture is his passion and leadership, his greatest strength empowered by the durability of steel and construction field. Over the past decade, Gaurav Gupta has grown his business multi-fold with well refined capabilities and business acumen.

Ar. Sharuti Ranjan

Ar. Sharuti Ranjan is renowned for his unmatched talent of creating highly efficient, livable spaces. His unique art of planning and designing is making a mark in the history of architecture. Sharuti is a thorough professional who always puts his clients’ interests above anything else. Friendly and confident, he has a brilliant leadership spirit that enables an amazing comfort level of working - both for his clients and his colleagues. Sharuti loves being an architect and that reflects in his designs too. After completing his degree in architecture from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar in 1999, he has been practicing, starting from Ludhiana, then moving on to Chandigarh, Indore, Delhi and now in Pune and Mumbai . Sharuti is consistently striving for excellence in all that he designs. Every architectural design of his ensures sustainability coupled with economy. Many years of practice has enriched him with experience and added to his incredible capacity of making optimum use of area keeping the best interests of the user in mind. He believes - “My best is yet to arrive.”