Years of Experience
About Indio Corp Designs

We are Architects by Profession... & Passion!

Architectural Craftsmanship That Blends Function, Art and Results.
IDPL has combined experience of over 2 decades and our work has won many accolades in the real estate sector, especially in the developer and builder segment. That apart, reputed Engineering firms have been associating with us for Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Air-conditioning, Environmental Control and Landscaping Designs.
What we bring to the table is a set of highly refreshing ideas that blend with masterful capabilities in designing.
Our clients have always looked at us as an asset to them and the projects we have worked on.
Form Follws Function, Beauty and Results


At Indio Corp Designs Pvt. Ltd. (IDPL), we always strive to extend a tangible difference to our clients through research, creativity and our cutting edge.
We keep Biophilic Architecture (keeping the occupants of the building close to nature) at the forefront of our design philosophy. Our focus and commitment is to provide designs, which merge with the site's innateness and harmoniously connect with nature. We ensure that our designs provide vibrant and warm spaces, which are socially responsive and where people thrive and activities flourish.